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Scalp Micro Pigmentation Services 

Scalp micro pigmentation is a type of hair loss treatment that is popular as an affordable alternative to hair transplants. This treatment involves taking small amounts of pigment cells from the skin and growing them back into the hair. 

head tattoo like hair.jpeg

Beard Treatment 

Mustache and beard microblading treatment for men that enhances facial hair

Hair Lining Repairs 

Head Repair

men's head tattooing before and after hair loss

Lining Repair

scalp micro pigmentation hair tattoo before and after

Haircut Aka Tattoos for Baldness

Alopecia is a common problem today and hair transplants are very expensive, so we came up with a solution. Micro hair tattoos, also known as hair tattoos, were a popular form of body art in the early 20th century. They were created by applying hair to the skin with a micro hair iron, or by using a small amount of hair dye to create a tattoos.

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