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Scalp micro pigmentation is the answer

If you’re struggling with hair loss, your cosmetic options can be somewhat limited. A lot of people try using wigs, toupees, or even hair crayons. But realistically, all of these require daily applications and aren’t very good options – at least, not long-term.

The only way to stop hair loss is by using a hair loss treatment, like minoxidil, finasteride, or low level laser therapy. However, these can take a few months to work. And they’re not guaranteed to work for every type of hair loss.

If you’re still exploring your options and want to make your hair look thicker in the meantime, a semi-permanent tattooing procedure known as scalp micropigmentation might be a good solution. Getting a temporary scalp tattoo might sound strange, but it’s more common than you might think.

What is scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is essentially a type of temporary hair tattoo. An aesthetician or cosmetologist applies colored pigments to the skin around your head, making it look like you have fuller, more voluminous hair. 

According to a study from the a scalp micropigmentation procedure generally have tiny dots or circles tattooed onto their scalp. This specific pattern is chosen to mimic the appearance of hair follicles when hairs have been shorn down close to the scalp. On a shaven or bald head, these tattoos look like a buzz cut or close shave.

But there are actually several different types of micropigmentation, and these techniques can technically be applied to any part of the body. The exact form and technique you’ll require will depend on your hair type and where on the body the procedure is being applied. 


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