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About Hair Micropigmentation By Meechididit

With its continuously updated technology, knowledgeable medical and administrative team, and interdisciplinary structure, our clinic, which has almost 20 years of experience and understanding in the hair Hair Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) to treat hair loss for both men and women in Illinois, Chicago. In addition to hair pigmentation, our clinic's medical services for patients include beard and mustache pigmentation. 

Hair Transplant By Meechididit in Chicago_edited.jpg


Micropigmentation Scalp   Professional, Co-Founder

Meechi is a hair pigmentation professional, who is committed to the hair pigmentation both for men and women. As a hair scalp pigmentation specialist, can help you with hair pigmentation and He has extensive experience  in Chicago, US for the past 20 years. The patient's safety is always the top priority. He listens carefully to what the patient has to say and then makes a recommendation for the best treatment plan. 

He has been helping patients get their hair and self-confidence back for many years.

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